Ajwain Papad


(Enriched with Heeng and Jeera)

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Papad is a thin, crispy, and round looking Indian food appetizer. Papad is made out of several lentils and Indian spices. Ajwain Papad are crunchy and absolutely delicious. Bite them at brunch, lunch or dinner. Enjoy with ajwain papad is ideal to be consumed as anytime snack with dips or as an accompaniment with your meals.

It is generally roasted or fried. The Papad can be served as a snack, appetizer, a side dish, paired with salads etc. This delicate disc-like item is a very versatile food option and adds a crispy texture and savory taste to your meal.
With the goodness of lentils and other spices, Papad counts as a food rich in fiber. It is free of gluten and thus easier on digestion as well. Papad is low in sugars and hence safe for diabetic health when taken in moderate quantities.

As an appetizer, it is also a fiber-rich item. Fiber is great for many health conditions, especially Diabetes. Fiber keeps the stomach functional and healthy.

  • The protein-content is also high in Papad.
  • It can help in inducing good nutrients in the body.
  • Papad encourages good digestion.
  • This is because the simulation produces various enzymes that are secreted to promote metabolism.
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