Bazoori Sharbat


As a liver tonic, diuretic, and beneficial for urinary diseases, restlessness, hyperacidity, kidney disorders, and fevers, Sharabat bazoori is an Unani Medicine. It reduces the burning sensation in the urine and cures urinary tract infections.
Sharbat bazoori gives strength to the liver and corrects its functions. It restores the health of the liver and helps it to eliminate toxins from the body.

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Bazoori Sharbat protects liver problems and cleanses the urinary bladder, kidneys, and urinary tract by its detox action, so it is beneficial in urinary tract infections.
This refreshing drink provides overall effects to maintain the health of the urinary system.
It removes the heat from the body, so it reduces heartburn and burning sensation in the urine. Also highly beneficial in reducing fever.


1KG Bottle, Net 750ML

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