Litchi Sharbat (Sugar Free)

Litchi Sharbat (Sugar Free)

During hot summers, Litchi Sharbat cools our senses and maintains hydration levels in our bodies. These deliciously succulent litchis are an annual delight for litchi lovers who eagerly wait for the fruit every year. Vitamin C and carbs are abundant in this juice, which is packed with health benefits.


The fruit looks so tiny, but it can cure a serious illness. Our nervous system is strengthened by litchi’s high potassium content, so our hearts are rhythmic. Litchi has generated extensive research based on its mesmerizing benefits. Based on this study, litchi is a fruit that helps prevent obesity, diabetes, strokes, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s. Because of this, we should include litchi in our daily lives.


1KG Bottle, Net 750ML


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