Almond Oil (Badam Rogan)

Almond Oil (Badam Rogan)

To enhance the intellectual power and remove the mental stress. Strengthens mind and nervous system. Body Fuel – Cure more then 100 Problems.

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Badam Rogan should be massaged and drop 5 drops at the time of sleeping in the nose to relieve from headache, tiresomeness, to enhance the intellectual power and remove the mental stress.

As a high-quality oil, it gives you all the natural benefits of Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Zinc, and Omega-3 Fatty Acids. This one product can strengthen the brain and your bones, alleviate fatigue, help you sleep better and even improve vigour.

Badam Rogan oil has been linked to a number of health benefits including lowering your risk of heart disease, helping weight-loss and stabilizing blood sugar levels. You can start by adding 5-10 drops of this oil to hot milk and drinking it before going to bed or at breakfast time if you’re a child. Continued use will strengthen the brain and nerves and help your bowels function properly.


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