Bamboo (Baans) Murabba


Boost Growth Hormones.

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Using bamboo murabba regularly has a lot of health benefits. It provides protection from heart disease, if you consume it regularly.
In Ayurveda, bamboo leaves, flowers, springs, and stems are used to treat various diseases. By feeding bamboo to growing children, they are taller, develop their physical abilities, and their brains grow sharper.
Eating bamboo Murabba will cure stomach digestion problems. Aside from this, it also helps to reduce obesity. – It cleanses the blood, reduces cholesterol and controls blood pressure. It also works for diabetics and people with heart problems.
Murabba made of bamboo has the ability to kill stomach worms and to enhance a person’s immunity. The consumption of this Murabba reduces fatigue as well as allergies caused by heavy exercise.

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