Shahi Khus


(Enriched with silver leaves)

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Khus sharbat is a diuretic that has cooling properties. Additionally, khus is a rich source of zinc, which prevents various eye problems. During summers, drinking khus sharbat might reduce redness in the eyes caused by excess heat. A summer cooler can also reduce excessive thirst to a great extent.

Our needs for staying hydrated are in full swing now that summer is here. As the summer approaches, temperatures can rise, which can be unsafe for your health.

Khus Sharbat is an anti-oxidant that uses Ayurvedic principles.
Effective in treating energy loss, hyperacidity, and burning in the urine. They are also beneficial to bone health. This mineral helps the seeds produce the protein collagen, which nourishes the bones and protects them against severe damage.

There is an abundance of iron in Khas Khas. Hemoglobin in the blood helps to purify the blood. You also get a healthy amount of oxygen to your brain from poppy seeds, in addition to improving your blood circulation.


1KG Bottle, Net 750ML

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