Pudina Jaljeera Drink (Sugar Free)

Pudina Jaljeera Drink (Sugar Free)

Jaljeera is an excellent summer cooler. As the summer is setting in with soaring temperatures, this instant jaljeera will keep the body cool, hydrated, and helps in digestion. This beverage will also prevent
loss of sodium chloride and iron during summer due to excessive sweating.


Stir up the best summer drink with this Instant Jaljeera sharbat.

Jaljeera is an Indian traditional summer drink made primarily of mint, cumin, a mix of spices and lemons, for freshness. It is not only a low-calorie drink, but also aids in digestion. We have developed an instant form of Jaljeera for our valued customers, you just need to add water or soda and let me tell you, its much more hygienic than what you find on the carts on streets.


1KG Bottle, Net 750ML


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